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How to Build a Marketplace for Bootstrap Themes in 36 Hours

Matt Mansour 6 years, 6 months ago

Let this be yet another a testament to rapid development frameworks and the power of Django and Mezzanine: From concept to launch, in 36.75 hours, I built a full-featured Bootstrap theme marketplace called Bootstrap ASAP.  This would amount to just under one week in a typical work week. The outline of the entire approach looked something like this:

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Django Gunicorn and Nginx Setup

Matt Mansour 8 years, 1 month ago

After a hearing a great Gunicorn talk by Brian Riley of at the LADjango meetup I decided it was time to dive in to a modern server for Django. After getting around a few bumps I realized setting up Gunicorn with NGINX was easy. Even though I appreciate - and was blown away by - Graham Dumpleton's mod_wsgi for Apache, I feel it's time to push forward. I am glad I did and as a result, if I am unable to use Heroku on a project I will now most likely use NGINX, Gunicorn, and Postgres as the stack for some Django projects.

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JQuery: Force Open New Window

Matt Mansour 8 years, 2 months ago

A recent web development project of mine required integration of a fancy looking Twitter social widget. Luckily the Content Management System I used has a Twitter API module, which gave me complete freedom to implement the design requirements. However, the Twitter module that shipped with that CMS did not open a new browser window when a link in the Twitter feed was clicked.  I did not want to hack into the Twitter module of the CMS in this context. I ended up implementing the following JQuery snippet; which made the task of opening a new browser window easy. With the code snippet below all anchor tags in the 'tweets' class get their target attributes set to '_blank'.

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Django Deployment - Fabric and Git

Matt Mansour 8 years, 3 months ago

Fabric and Git have made my life much easier. I am working on a project that is on a server farm. Deploying changes to django models, views and templates from my local machine to each server on the server farm is as easy as typing two commands in the Terminal on Mac:

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Copying a Rackspace Cloud Server

Matt Mansour 8 years, 6 months ago

A while back I created a Cloud Server at Rackspace for a small website. The software stack is Nginx, Apache, WSGI, Postgres and Django. When another project came up - one that required a load balanced architecture - I wanted to simply use copies of that original server to build out a new server farm. The process for doing so was not as intuitive as I had hoped for. After digging around I decided to just ping Rackspace Support over Live Chat. As usual Rackspace Support was super quick to respond, and pointed me in the right direction. The process to copy a Cloud Server is very simple:

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