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Posted by: Matt Mansour 8 years, 6 months ago (0 comments)

A while back I created a Cloud Server at Rackspace for a small website. The software stack is Nginx, Apache, WSGI, Postgres and Django. When another project came up - one that required a load balanced architecture - I wanted to simply use copies of that original server to build out a new server farm. The process for doing so was not as intuitive as I had hoped for. After digging around I decided to just ping Rackspace Support over Live Chat. As usual Rackspace Support was super quick to respond, and pointed me in the right direction. The process to copy a Cloud Server is very simple:

First, click on your original server. Then click the "images" tab. From there click "New On Demand Image". That will save an Image of your server. Now navigate back to your main "Cloud Servers" page (Click "Cloud Servers" in the left navigation). From here click "Add Server". You will see three tabs at the top: Linux, Windows, and My Server Images. Click My Server Images and there you should see the image you just created. Select that to build your new server, and repeat as much as you can.

If your cloud server farm gets too big you may get a generic error. The error will give you no hint of what is going on. The error probably means that you're out of space in that huddle, or that you're only allocated so much memory if you're a new user. To fix the issue just click the "Live Chat" link and a Rackspace support person will handle it.

Happy Coding,

Matt Mansour

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